Notre Histoire / About Us

A Karpat Ltd. is an importer and wholesaler of premium wire and wire products. Based in Montreal Canada, the company resells and distributes many items including galvanized wire, black annealed wire, stainless steel wire, bulk nails, and other steel products such as rebar tie wire and bundling wire.

The company services clientele in North America, and currently procures material in Europe, Asia, Mexico, and North America. Our customers consume and utilize wire in the manufacturing of various products including fencing, bending and forming, springs, ducting, tree stakes, etc.

The company procures and resells wire in various forms and packaging including coils, bundles, spools, and packaged cartons, depending on the end product. The company imports product under its Trade Name MAV-RIK. All MAV-RIK wire and wire products are sold under strict specifications including ASTM and ANSI. Sales of wire and wire products include test certificates and specifications. Significant verification reviews regarding manufacturing practices and procedures are established by the company prior to procuring material.

The company is recognized for providing quality products at a competitive price throughout North America. The company is constantly qualifying new suppliers for its active customer base and market in North America.